1. What is the brand of your 3D machine? Snapmaker

  2. What is the turnaround time to make the items? Items are made on order within a week.

  3. Are you able to ship worldwide? Well, contact me first for a quote.

  4. Are you able to cut or etch on metal? Etching on ionized aluminium is possible. Other metal, no. A fiber laser is recommended for that.

  5. Are the coaster prints permanent? Yes

  6. What about sustainability? 

    1. Sourcing raw materials from Australian shops:
      1. Wood from sustainable plantations, veneer, ear wires from Victoria
      2. Ceramics and paints from Sydney
    2. MDF used to wrap the wood is reused to make earring stands
    3. Offcuts and any pieces are used to make creations
    4. Kangaroo leather off cuts are used rather than going to landfill.
    5. Brown paper is used for bags