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G’day and Bonjour! Meet Alban, a wizard of a craftsman and a charmer of two hemispheres – an artisan whose heart belongs equally to the warm sun of Australia and the romantic charm of France. Alban’s mastery at creating one-of-a-kind, breath-taking handmade crafts using a laser printer, has given him the title of ‘Artisan Extraordinaire’. The inspiration he draws from his rich French heritage and exhilarating Aussie lifestyle harmoniously dance together in every piece he designs.

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When you gaze upon Alban’s work, you’re instantly teleported into a beautiful realm where the grandeur of French culture and design weaves magic into modern aesthetics. Be it ceramics that bear the mark of his delicate hand painting, or wooden ornaments intricately laser-cut to perfection, every piece is a testament to his extraordinary eye for detail and unwavering commitment to quality.

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